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3911 East 25th Avenue
Spokane, WA, 99223
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the love movement. spreading love one shirt at a time.


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The Love Movement in Arizona (from Lillie Richardson)

Carl Richardson

The Richardson family would like to thank you for being a part of The Love movement.

The performance January 17th at Changing hands bookstore was a huge success and we wish to thank all of you who attended. We were able to contribute100% the proceeds from the t-shirts sales to The Sojourner Center. This organization has been a vital part of the Phoenix, AZ community for years. Their mission is to provide shelter and to transform lives of those who fall victim to domestic violence. We sold out the show and sold out of the Love Movement t-shirts. Thank you.

However you can still order t-shirts online. These t-shirts are designed by Carl Richardson and are printed one at a time and made with love with help from Tera Bailey.  Orders can be placed at


My brothers and sisters had so much fun presenting a showcase of talent for you.  You engaged in a fun-filled Family room experience. Boy could we feel the Love in that room!


We hope the show and the love that we share with one another inspired you to take some action of love in your community or in your homes. We have been told that our love can be infectious. Many of you took the opportunity to share with us your impressions of the show and how the experience affected you.

But the challenge remains, what are you going to do now? Share the experience? Create your own experience? Find ways to be an advocate of positive change?

The Love Movement is just that…encouragement to move in actions of Love and positive change.


It is so simple.

Simply Love.


With Love we can inspire, motivate, encourage, grow, and survive.


Moving forward...


The Love Movement